Keysite Capital Partners

Insight and guidance was provided to discover and define a powerful and authentic brand narrative that would inspire and engage Keysite clients.


Stadius Capital Partners

In 1554, Flemish astronomer and mathematician Johannes Stadius created celestial navigational charts. These tables guided sailors in the discovery of the new world.

A parallel exists between the publisher of critical navigational information and the real estate advisory service provided by the newly formed partnership.

Sixteen Twenty Six Capital Partners


The first ever real estate transaction in Manhattan takes place when Peter Minuit purchases "Eylandt Manhattes" in the spring of 1626.

Blackletter Capital Partners


Blackletter is a typestyle. Blackletter is used to establish strength, respect, and intelligence. Additionally black letter laws are considered to be the standard by which all legal transactions proceed.


Keysite Capital Partners


Synonyms for the word “key” are; crucial, indispensable and pivotal; all words that can describe the services to be provided by the newly formed capital partnership. “Key” and “site” are also words that have a real estate connotation.

A brand name was developed that effectively expresses the key client messages of integrity, experience and intelligence.

The final logomark perfectly represents the prestige and stability requested in the original creative brief.

The brand’s digital presence has the ability to get attention, generate interest and present the powerful Keysite Capital Partner brand narrative.

The stationary program advances the brand experience to all business correspondence.

The responsive design of the site provides a convenient interation for busy executives to access the site while using their mobile devices.