Resident satisfaction survey: better insights with 93% engagement

Each year a multi-channel campaign is crafted to solicit critical feedback. Multiple team members worked with vendors and across departments to coordinate the timely launch of individual assets and events each designed to encourage maximum participation.
• Personalized letters from our CEO mailed to family members.
• Announcement posters illustrate the simplicity of the survey.
• Personalized announcement emails with a video from our CEO.
• Statement stuffers encouraging participation.
• Postcards with individual access codes delivered to residents.
The entire campaign rolled-out on a precise 2 month timeline. The survey was completed online during a two week period. Participation was impressive with a 93% engagement rate.
Results provided critical insights and showed an overall satisfaction score surpassing the industry benchmark with our caregiving receiving the highest marks!
Printed posters and broadcast emails announced the online satisfaction survey.
To establish importance and encourage participation, a video from our CEO was produced and embedded into the announcement email.
The integrated campaign included 3,000+ personalized postcards that included unique survey codes, statement stuffers and stickers.
Social media posts show how much fun residents had participating in the survey.